Observit C3 and Axis cameras in Michigan school buses

Transport Surveillance

Dean Transportation, with nearly 1,500 school buses in Michigan U.S., trials real-time surveillance with Axis Communications and Observit C3.

Implementing a server-less system means less points of failure and ease of installation and management, which all increases the system's reliability and total cost of ownership. 

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Connected Camera Cluster (C3)

The C3 is a unique cluster of Axis cameras collaborating on a local network. The cameras will perform corrective actions automatically, e.g. restart another camera. C3 will manage and reduce the traffic from a C3 cluster to the cloud service. The software, an ACAP (AXIS Camera Application Platform) application, is installed in the camera and contains all the unique and customized settings. The C3 handles recordings and settings, uploads, keeps log, monitors and reports status and alarms and communicates all info with the central cloud based VMS. Install the software in the camera and connect it to the cloud service and everything is up and running!

Observit Enterprice Center (OEC)

Observit Enterprice Center (OEC) is a professional, cloud based, video management system. The established Observit central management and monitoring solution serves as a solid back-end and is a reliable and stable platform for C3. All devices and units are monitored and managed through the central web-based system. Total control of system, devices, inventory, log files, as well as management and organisation of the logical structure of depots, vehicles and functionality.

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