Observit Acap Store (eng)


Observits Acap Store delivers apps direct into Axis cameras

Observit launches Acap Store for AVHS, which enables Observit partners to sell, distribute and install ACAP applications directly into customer’s cameras over the network.

The Acap Store is a marketplace and distribution platform for intelligent and smart video analytic apps to be executed in Axis cameras, the market leader of networked cameras.

AXIS Camera Application Platform, ACAP, is an open platform that enables application developers to develop and sell Axis - compatible applications.

Axis' advanced cameras are a variety of solutions for the many uses of video analysis, not just traditional monitoring.

Among popular intelligent ACAP applications include applications for detection, counters, analysis of movement patterns, detecting graffiti, traffic situations, audio detection, recognition and many more.

Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, welcomes the new opportunities with Acap Store from Observit.

"Observit Acap Store will make video analysis software available in a new way and allow for a greater use of cameras with tailored analysis software. In conjunction with Video Hosting, the Acap Store will have a positive impact in use of video analytics rich functionality and leverage the usage of cameras and camera info in user’s business enterprise systems" said Fredrik Thor, Sales Director, at Axis.

Observit AB

Since 1996, the Observit has worked with video surveillance solutions and in many years with a close collaboration with the world-leading supplier of security cameras, AXIS Communications. Observit is Hosting Provider for Axis cameras, providing VSaaS to our partners in many business areas.  

Observit develops BOT software, sold by partners, for video surveillance in transportation, vehicles and mobile units. BOT is a a high tech solution making  transports and vehicles a safer place with a great TCO.