Observit Video Management System in Stockholm and Södertälje buses


Observit is reshaping the way of IoT and brings together concepts of surveillance applications, business intelligence and fleet management into one easy manageable service. Nobina have chosen Observit Video Surveillance and Management Service for safer bus travel in Stockholm and Södertälje, Sweden. 

Nobina, with more than 4.000 vehicles in the fleet, is the Nordic region’s largest and most experienced public transport service provider. Their expertise in prospecting, tendering and active management of public transport contracts in combination with long-term delivery quality make them the industry leader in terms of profitability, development and initiatives promoting a healthier industry.

Observit improves video surveillance in buses, trains and other commercial vehicles through reliable recording of high quality digital video. Observit uses mobile communication for easy-to-use management, reliable operation, video access and large enterprise deployment.