An opportunity to develop your service offering

Video Hosting System

Observit VHS scales with minimal effort and is particularly cost-effective when offering monitoring to dispersed installations with a few cameras at each site.

The system provides many benefits, giving you new possibilities to develop your business:

  • Adds value to security services and Internet service by offering remote monitoring of retail chains, stores, small and mid-sized businesses, and residences
  • Increases alarm operation efficiency with remote verification and alarm reset
  • Provides easy management of your customers’ security concerns at any time
  • Provides a flexible solution for temporary and mobile surveillance
  • Prevents damage on property and thereby minimizes insurance claims
  • Offers low installation cost - connects to existing broadband network
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • The user interface can be customized to meet your company’s profile

Scalability with minimal maintenance

The system is designed to cater for thousands of users. On-site maintenance is usually not required since updates, error handling and management are centralized. The Observit®RSS service allows you to control which camera settings can be changed by the end user.

Peace of mind for the end user

An Internet-based video monitoring system offers an easy and effective way to manage your customers’ security concerns while at work, at home or on the road. The users can connect to your service portal and watch live or recorded video using a computer as well as most modern cell phones.