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Video Hosting System

With video monitoring as a managed Internet service (VSaaS)

Observit VHS is a hosted video solutions based on Axis Video Hosting System (AVHS) software from Axis Communications AB.

Axis’ wide range of network cameras and the unique AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS) software are key components to create a service provider-specific portal to provide for video monitoring over the Internet.

This solution allows security companies, alarm operators and Internet service providers to establish a recurring revenue stream.

We help you with customer video storage

We provide storage of customer video, and run the day-to-day maintenance. Based on your specific requirements we can as an Axis qualified video hosting distributor guide you in the process of setting up your own Internet-based service portal. We customize the portal interface, implement the graphic identity of your company and handle reporting.

System overview

Monitored area

The Axis network cameras are simply connected to the customer's existing network and registered at the video service portal. The cameras are immediately available for viewing and recording over the Internet.

Central storage

The system requires little or no management by the user. Updates can be handled automatically and the cameras are constantly checked for any malfunction. The storage of customer video and day-to-day maintenance are handled centrally.

Remote monitoring

The user can now watch live and recorded video from any location by logging in to the AVHS portal. Alarm operator access to the video material can be approved, allowing qualified staff at an alarm central to take necessary actions.