Mobile Video Surveillance - easy to use management and large enterprise deployment

Transport Surveillance

Observit VMS for mobile video surveillance improves video surveillance in buses, trains and other mobile objects through central management, monitored operation and reliable recording of high quality digital video.Observit BOT

Observit uses wireless communication for easy-to-use management and operation, video access and large enterprise deployment.

Reliable operation with attractive TCO

Observit is reliable, available and serviceable. Video and pictures are always there, in good quality and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The hardware platforms and software is proven and stable. The system is easy to maintain.

Maintenance and configuration of Observit is done remotely. Recorded material can be accessed via Internet so no handling of hard disks or USB sticks is needed.

Quality-assured installation with documented test results

Installation is quick and simple with a minimum of work. The completed installation is automatically verified and documented.

Monitored operation

Observit BOT is continuously monitored during operation, to ensure that problems are detected when they occur, and reported to the operation and maintenance center for automatic or manual action.

Video access at any time

Video can be accessed at any time without waiting for the vehicle to arrive to the depot or station. Recordings are uploaded from the bus during operation to a central video storage, for later analysis. In critical situation, live video streams from the bus can be established.

Efficient video analysis

Observit Player is a video player that is easy to use, with synchronized playback from all cameras.

Future-proof and multi platform support

Observit is built on open standards and is certified for multiple hardware and software platforms for different needs. Observit can co-exist and be integrated with other applications on the same platform, e.g. eco-driving and alco lock.

Add functionality at low cost

Observit supports remote installation of upgrades and patches as well as add-ons and new functions. The configuration of the system and cameras can be changed remotely.


The system supports several models of IP vehicle cameras, including Axis P39- and F-series.