Why hosted video?

Video Hosting System

A hosted monitoring and recording system is centrally managed and distributed to you by a service provider.

With an Internet connection and an Axis camera as the only requirements, you can enjoy a trouble-free monitoring solution over the Internet.

  • Live view, recordings and notifications directly in your browser
  • No need for system software
  • Maintenance and storage handled by your service provider

With Observit VHS you will benefit from IP-based surveillance without network configuration. By outsourcing much of the hardware and all of the software, you cut the complexities you often face with a traditional client-server installation. Hosted video limits your investment to the cameras and an Internet connection, instead of having to maintain the recording and monitoring station locally. The service provider will manage system maintenance, as well as storage of recorded data. Using IP cameras instead of a CCTV system with DVR means lower installation costs and better image quality.